Playd is Motion Graphics studio created by Paul Styler, based in Moscow Russia. We can get involved at any stage of the creative process from storyboards, direction & concepts to final result. We love combine live action with moving images, 3d and 2d animations.


Composer, sound designer, sound engineer Dmitry Balakin

NAMOO - Wonders of Plant Life


Smart toys can make science exciting! Namoo is a fun, engaging exploration of the life of plants. Discover how leaves make food, experiment with underground root systems, or play with the parts of a plant cell! Interactive 3D simulations and straightforward language enable an immersive experience for curious minds.
There are many basic yet surprising things to learn about the inner workings of trees and flowers. How do plants turn carbon dioxide into food? How do flowers become fruits? Through the use of colorful interactive models, Namoo will help students gain a deeper understanding of the science at work. Namoo goes beyond the textbook! It is a multi-layered journey where you can play, experiment, and learn with ease.
Namoo features nine chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a part of a plant and its function, including roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Two chapters provide an in-depth look at cell structure and photosynthesis may awaken the scientist within!
In the world of Namoo, dynamic visuals are accompanied by clear explanations. Every tap of the screen yields a new bit of information. With students in mind, we have also included comprehensive reading blocks for each chapter. Namoo is designed to be a one-stop solution and an immersive tour through plant life.
- Nine chapters including: roots, root tips, leaf anatomy, plant cells, photosynthesis, flowers and fruits, trunks, and stems
- Original 3D artwork, music and sound design
- Encyclopedia-inspired, interactive 3D simulations
- Plain labels, clear explanations, and student friendly reading sections
- Immersive and fun learning for kids and adults
- Discover amazing processes such as pollination or photosynthesis in fun, engaging way
- Experiment with different environmental conditions and see what happens!


Composer, sound designer, sound engineer Dmitry Balakin


Автор музыки: Дмитрий Балакин